Get meetings by Canvas ContextID

We’re looking to get a report of the Zoom meetings created for courses in Canvas with LTI Pro. We understand the mappings are created on the LTI context ID for the course via https://{SUBDOMAIN}{COURSEID}?include=lti_context_id, but are not seeing a way that we can use the Zoom Meetings API to pull the relevant meeting details. Is anyone aware of a way to query the Zoom Meetings via the Zoom API by Canvas Context ID and/or course ID?

Hi @crile

I would suggest using the Get Meeting Reports endpoint
This endpoint will return you an array of meetings

Each meeting will have multiple attributes, but the attribute of the meeting you will be interested in is the “source”
If the meeting was created in LTI it should have it source set to something like “LTI Pro”

As such, looping over the meetings and checking the “source” attribute, should get you the results you are looking for.