Restrict views for users (disable grid view for users)

Is there a way to restrict the views for the users, such as disabling the grid view for all users except the host?

We want the host to be able to see all the users in grid view, and the users to only be able to see the main speaker.


Hi Plank Team,

which platform of SDKs are you looking into? 

For Android, there is an API: 


to disable gallery view, but this works for all users including host. Could I know more about the requirement and background?


We have an app with an instructor and students. Our students have requested more privacy and only want to see the spotlight view (spotlight on instructor only). All students are muted.all students will use either custom iOS or android app using zoom sdk

Instructor is only one with unmute. Instructor using a laptop zoom app. Instructor is only person with grid view. Would that all be possible?

Restrict all students using custom app to only spotlight view? Thanks

Also, it would be great if the host can control which user has the spotlight focus (even if that user is not speaking). The host could choose a user to be the spotlight. would that be possible in the next SDK? thanks!


Zoom Webinar or Focus mode.