Resume Host after unintentionally close (browser or tab)

Hi, I use Web API to create a meeting and use javascript on the front end as host to open the zoom meeting.

However, I’m currently trying to support closing the meeting unintentionally e.g. the browser window or the tab.

Is there a way for the original host to re-join the meeting session as a host.
Right now, we intend to make attendee to be approved before joining the meeting,
since the host was close unintentionally, when joining as host again will terminate the already created meeting, or when rejoining as attendee, no host to approve the request.

Which version?

Thank you.

Hey @fadli,

Yes, if you set the role to 1 when generating the signature, they should re join as the host.


Thank you tommy.

I noticed that after a while, when the host not in the meeting,
other attendee will take over as a host. Is this can be prevented?
I havent test it yet for the above case, when host rejoin afterward,
is the attendee that took over as host remains as is?

Hey @fadli,

Please see my post here: