Retrieve all messages in a group chat via webhook

I would like to subscribe to new posts in a specific group chat, but this doesn’t seem possible

I can’t find a way to automatically collect the new messages posted to a group chat. Neither can I find a way to access all messages via an API call.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
I will use whatever will achieve my desired results.

Which Endpoint/s?
I don’t know which to use…

Additional context
I am trying to find a way to extract the daily posts in an activities channel for additional analysis. Ideally, it would happen automatically via webhook, but I am open to running a script on a timer to extract the log every day.

Hey @dsharp,

Great question—Currently, I’m afraid you can only get Chat messages on a per user basis for chats sent in channels or direct messages:

Account level Chat APIs/webhooks are on our roadmap, though—Stay updated here:


Thanks @will.zoom.

Looking at the link, it appears that the API will return all messages posted to a channel - if the user belongs to the channel - regardless of who actually posted the message for the selected date. Is that correct?

Hey @dsharp,

This will not return the entire channel’s messages, just the user’s.


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