Retrieve master account ID

We are trying to build new interface with zoom for our sub account plants to manage via API.

as per this documentation, we want to send in the endpoint Master Account ID.

How to get our master account ID In first place.

As we have account number only in our profile.

Hi @zoom-developer , can you confirm that you have a Master-SubAccount account as outlined here?

Hi Gianni
Yes the account are setup like that only.

Master API endpoints are prepended with `/accounts/{accountID}

where to get the master {accountID}

Ah okay @zoom-developer , then use this endpoint: Zoom Meeting API{userId} , and pass me instead of userId. The account_id is one of the fields returned.

thank you this helped. if your team can update the documenation how to retireve in the link you have provided in frist reply.
it will help us other too.

Hi @zoom-developer , thanks for the feedback. I’ve made a request to our docs team to better reflect this info :slight_smile: