How do i know my accountid and all usersids?


Just getting started. I would like to have a master account authenticated by JWT which will create meetings for users.

  1. How do I know which is the master accountId?
  2. How do I get a list of users which can be controlled by the accountId?
  3. When I use the endpoint, which fields are optional?

Endpoint: POST /v2/accounts/{accountId}/users/{userId}/meetings

And… is this the best way to get support?

Hi @scott,

To find your master account ID, you can use

You can use the same API -

The Master account APIs mirror standard APIs, therefore the same properties would be available.

If it’s developer related yes, the forum is the best way, otherwise you can submit a ticket to our support team.


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How can I test these online with a JWT token? When I try, it asks for an OAuth token.

Hi @scott,

You should be able to test both standard and Master account APIs with ah JWT token. You can refer to our JWT docs on how to test online with a JWT token[1].

1 -

Hey @scott,

What error message are you getting?

You can test the GET /users API via the “Send a Test Request” feature on our docs. Just add your JWT Token as the oauth_access_token:

Then click send!