Retrieve wrong link for user profile image when using zoom api

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
The end point is [https [api[dot]zoom[dot]us /v2/users/{user_id}]
I used our email address as the user_id, ie the end point is https[api[dot]zoom[dot]us /v2/users/]

In the screenshot, you will see user1 [] The end point is https[api[dot]zoom[dot]us /v2/users/]

  1. From the Galen Zoom user management website, the profile image is https[images[dot]zoom[dot]us /p/v2/4b303a8d96ae07b557734c1adcceb3de1338946ec827131f8e22eac2075aac67/f3d85acc-[hashxxx]-2046]. This is valid
  2. But from API call, the pic_url is https[galen][dot]zoom[dot]us /p/v2/4b303a8d96ae07b557734c1adcceb3de1338946ec827131f8e22eac2075aac67/f3d85acc-[hashxxx]-2046]. This is NOT valid if you try to download the image.

On the other hand, for my own user: []

  1. Zoom user management, the profile image is https[images[dot]zoom[dot]us /p/kOImT-HVTW6y9eT74p-OVA/b5413951-cc9e-[hashyyy]?type=large]
  2. From API call, it is https[galen[dot]zoom[dot]us /p/kOImT-HVTW6y9eT74p-OVA/b5413951-[hashyyy]]

Both links are valid despite the difference in domain names: galen[dot]zoom[dot]us
vs image[dot]zoom[dot]us

The API returns the wrong domain name for the user profile image:

Should the domain use image[dot]zoom[dot]us for all?

sorry, as a new user, I can’t post more than 2 links in my message. I had to disguise the link as [dot]zoom[dot]us

@schen ,

Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. I’m having difficulty understanding the issue. Could you share the API response with personal information omitted? This would help identify what might be happening.

Thank you for the reply. In short, for some users, the API returns the user profile image URL is… but the image can’t be displayed. The image is actually at

I can’t attach the screenshots. Got 422 error.

Thank you for your reply! Are you suggesting that the API modifies the uploaded image name, or does it work only when the image file is at a certain location (i.e.