Revert to previous published App version! Urgent


we have an App that it is published to the Zoom Marketplace since months.
We have of course a lot of customers connected to our App.
A few days ago we submitted a new version for revision with some minor changes.

Current status of out App " ScuolaSemplice" it is “update needed” since the reviewer sent us some questions.

What we see now is that no one can install our App (the version that was in production), nor the already connected user can reconnect in case they need.
We see that in our customer reserved area in Zoom, our app it is installed, but, anyway when they tries to authorize our App, it sais that App cannor be installed outside the developer area.

But this is creazy, we risk to create a big big problems to our customers.

Can we ask some way to revert and cancel our request for updating the app and have the previous app published to the Marketplace?

We tought that until the new version wa sin revision, the previous one was available in the store!

Thank you

Hey @fornitori ,

Make sure they are installing the production environment of the app, and not the development environment.

Can you please provide a screenshot of the error so we can look into this further?


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