Unpublished OAuth Apps deleted


Unpublished OAuth Apps were deleted from our marketplace account. Some of these apps were submitted for review also. We want to understand that whether these apps were deleted by Zoom? and is there any way to recover these apps?


Hi @superadmin
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to assist here.
I do not think that Zoom deleted your apps, this is not something that we do.
But, did you make any changes to your account? like upgrading the account from free to basic? or a significant change that you could remember.

I also can help you get those apps back, I will only need the name of the app, client id, and some other information. If you have them please send me a private message and I will take it fro there


Hi @elisa.zoom ,

  1. Are there some activity logs containing the IP address from which the app deletion happened that we could know of?
  2. We haven’t upgraded our accounts and the published apps is there as it is (one app) rest unpublished were deleted.
  3. Would be great if we can recover the deleted one, we will be sending over the client id and app name in some time.

How do we send private message in the developer forum, don’t see an option for one ?

I will send you a private message and you can reply there

Hi @elisa.zoom , We have shared client IDs and other details on private message.

Thanks @superadmin
I will take a look at that!

Hi @elisa.zoom ,

Do you have any update on apps recovery?


Hi @superadmin I do not have any updates right now.
I will come back to you as soon as I hear back from the team

Hi @elisa.zoom ,

Do you have any update?


Hi @superadmin
I will engage with our Engineering team again to get an update.
I will come back to you with an update soon.

Hi @elisa.zoom ,

Those apps were very important to us. Do you have any update? or an ETA for the update?


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My understanding is this issue has been solved, if anyone has an issue with app transfers in the future, please open a thread in this category and we’ll help get it sorted :slight_smile:

Please help… we removed an app accidentally and now we are unable to auto schedule for our staff
can you help?


can you help restore an accidentally removed app??

Hi @kbhit
This topic has been solved, could you please open up a new thread and tag me there and I will take it from there

I made a new one called
How to restore accidentally deleted app?

Thank you!

@kbhit can you please create a new topic here:

Done… created a new topic for recovering from accidental deletion