Revoke/Delete Zoom Video SDK JWT Token

We have implemented Zoom Video SDK in our application and it is working fine. Now we want to know how can we revoke or delete the JWT token created to join a session after a session is closed or when a participant leaves the session. ,

The JWT token is only necessary at point of joining.
While you can’t really revoke this token, there is a trick to making it “just in time” for security purpose.

Example if the time now is 2:00:00 pm
I’ll set the iat time of my token to 1:25:00pm
I’ll set the exp time of my token to 2:05:00pm

This will make sure that my token will expire 5 mins from now. You can make it even shorter if you like, by shifting the iat and exp time earlier.

Why is the iat in the past? This is to fulfil the requirement of min. 30 minutes difference between iat and exp.