Rotate which participants are asked to keep camera on?

During lectures for large classes, students don’t like having their cameras on, and it has been shown to be more tiring for participants to see their own reflection all the time. For the instructor it is, on the other hand, very helpful to see students’ real time reactions and so to have students have their cameras on.

What I would like is for some subset of the students to have their camera on at any given time, but for the on-camera-group to vary throughout the lecture. Maybe Zoom could notify, say, six to ten randomly selected students to switch their camera on for some ten to twelve minutes, and then let them switch off their camera and let other students take over after those minutes have passed. It would be better if on-camera-students were replaced one by one rather than the whole group at once, naturally, or the rotation of on-camera-students would distract the whole group.

Of course it is best to limit one-way lectures for large groups in the first place, but occasionally this format is hard to avoid.