Safari 16.4: Error causes ZoomSDK component to become unmounted while user is connected to meeting

Meeting SDK Type and Version

After calling zoomClient.join() the usual console logs appear together with the following error shows up. This causes the Zoom component to be unmounted, but the user appears to be connected. Changing init parameters doesn’t seem to fix the issue, other browsers work as expected.


[Error] TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating 'e.getExtension')
	AdapterWhiteListCheckForEncoder (1502_js_media.min.js:1:41630)

Second error:

[Error] The above error occurred in the <Eee> component:
    in Eee (created by Xie)
    in Xie (created by ere)
    in tU (created by p2)
    in s (created by p2)
    in iq (created by p2)
    in p2 (created by ere)
    in ere (created by k)
    in k

How To Reproduce
Use Safari 16.4, try joining a meeting using the latest web sdk


Thank you for reporting the behavior you are seeing, @adig ! I am happy to test on my end and submit a bug ticket if needed. Can you share the exact steps to reproduce the behavior? Also, can you share a code snippet showing how you are calling zoomClient.join() ?


Thank you for calling attention to this behavior. After checking, this is related to a known issue that our Engineering team is working to address. I’ve shared your details with our team, and will keep you updated here. In the meantime, a workaround is to disable SharedArrayBuffer in Safari.

Thanks for letting me know!

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No, problem. The fix for this should be in the next Web Meeting SDK release. Please subscribe to the change log for updates.

2.11.0 fix safari 16.4 bug, you can update to latest version

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