Zoom WebSDK Occasionally Crashing

We’ve started getting reports from users of being disconnected or kicked out of meetings unexpectedly. While trying to track down the issue someone on our team was able to experience it first hand.

First he lost audio, then the screen went black, and a message popped up saying “meeting disconnected”. Following that the error page below appeared.

We’ve been seeing reports of this quite a lot lately - has anyone experienced anything similar? Is there a workaround or fix I can implement?

Perhaps related - we’ve had an uptick of users complaining about audio but that may be unrelated (and could be caused by poor microphones). But maybe there is an audio encoding or memory problem.

The error says “meeting disconnected”.

Which Web Client SDK version?
We are running 1.8.5.

To Reproduce(If applicable)
We are unable to consistently reproduce the behavior but it seems that it happens a lot in Chrome.


Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Desktop
  • OS: Windows
  • Browser: Chrome

Hey @erichhansen,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. This is an interesting issue, I haven’t encountered it before. I just have a couple of questions to get started:

  1. Are these users potentially under a corporate VPN or firewall that could be interfering with the connection?

  2. Do you see a connection closed issue when using any other portions of that app or only when using the Web SDK?

  3. Prior to this happening, or after if you preserve the logs, do you see any errors in the browser console or in the network tab of the browser developer tools?

You can also try testing with the latest version of the Web SDK (1.9.1) as well as with our Sample Web App to see if that resolves the issues you’re seeing.


Hey @MaxM,

It is interesting and a bit hard to pin down.

In this case, to answer your questions:

  1. This user was not on a corporate VPN or behind a corporate firewall. We are trying to compile a list from some other users that have experienced this problem to see if they are on a VPN.

  2. No, this only occurs when they are on the tab that uses the Web SDK.

  3. Unfortunately this was an internal employee who was not able to capture that information. It is hard to consistently reproduce, we’ve just had an increase in the number of reports for errors.

We will look at upgrading to 1.9.1 to see if that helps.

Hey @erichhansen,

Thank you for providing more information. Please let me know if upgrading changes the behavior you’re seeing.

Are you able to share any browser console errors you’re seeing for this issue?


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