Salesforce App: Override logic for associating Zoom Webinar History to Contact/Lead

Is it possible to override the Salesforce App logic by which Webinars are associated to Contacts/Leads based on matching Email?

Which App?

Additional context
We’ve successfully implemented the Salesforce app and have everything working in tip-top shape per the available documentation. Now, we want to better integrate our external-facing (Salesforce) Community with the Zoom Webinar registration process! When a Contact is logged into our Community, how can we ensure that, when they register for a Zoom Webinar, that same Contact record is associated to the Webinar record in Salesforce?

  1. If we could pre-fill the Webinar Registration form, we could ensure that the same email from the Contact record is used. However, that doesn’t appear to be possible: Pre-fill Webinar Registration Forms
  2. If we create a JWT App and use a custom registration form, the Salesforce App will still create a Zoom Webinar History record per this post. Can we override the logic that associates that record to a Contact or Lead?
  3. If no on #2, can we manually create Zoom Webinar History + Zoom Webinar Registrant records in Salesforce in order to register contacts for a webinar, or is the Salesforce App integration one-way (Zoom -> Salesforce)?

Hey @julieno,

Have you considered using both the Zoom API and the Salesforce API to accomplish this?


@tommy - I certainly have, but I was looking to see if there was any way to avoid custom code if possible!

Hey @julieno,

Let me check with our engineers to see if it is possible without custom code. (ZOOM-190662)

I will get back to you on this.


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Hey @julieno,

I have private messaged you with a solution.


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