Salesforce App: register Zoom meeting information and password from the Outlook calendar

We want to register Zoom meeting information and password in the Outlook calendar from the Salesforce web console.

We know we can send emails from web console, but don’t know how to send registration Zoom infomation in Outlook calendar.

Please let us know if we can add a ZOOM meeting schedule to our Outlook calendar from Salesforce web console.
Also if it can be added, what kind of setting and timing can be added?

Please also tell me if there is an API for sending Invitation from the outside.
It has been confirmed that Invitation will be sent when all the following items on the Event are filled.

  • Customer Start Time
  • Customer Meeting Duration
  • Customer Time Zone

Hey @NEC-corp-zoom,

Have you connected your Zoom account to your Outlook calendar?

With the Zoom API you can generate the meeting invite text, but not send it, unless you are using meeting registration.


Hi Tommy!
Thank you for your reply.

I will try connecting Zoom and Outlook later.
Does Zoom and Outlook work together so that I can schedule from the Salesforce web portal to my Outlook calendar?
If so, could you tell me the operation on the Salesforce portal after connecting?

Hey @NEC-corp-zoom,

I am not 100% sure, but I am assuming it will integrate with Outlook automatically. Go ahead and try and let me know. If it does not work, I will reach out to our engineering team.