Syncing the Zoom with Salesforce calendar

We are able to create a meeting from Salesforce, However, Invites not receiving zoom Invitation emails, and not updating their calendar as well, can I get some help

Hi @sudarshan.bhandarkar
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Are you creating meetings via API or using a specific app type for this? or are just using the Salesforce integration? If you are using the salesforce integration, the best place to ask for help on this is in our Zoom Community:


hi @elisa.zoom ,

Thanks for your reply.

Basically we are looking for sync between zoom and calendar, using salesforce.

we have created an oauth application in the zoom app marketplace ( By using Client ID and secret, we have integrated into salesforce.

We are able to create meeting using this endpoint -
But Invites not receiving email and not updating there calendar as well.

I have shared all details here - Integration between zoom and google calender.

Please help us to solve this issue.