Salesforce to Zoom Webinar Registrant Sync

Currently, we have the integration setup with webinar registrant records being created within Salesforce when someone registers via a Zoom webinar registration page (auto approval) . I have a process in SF that looks up the registrant email, and either links it to an existing account, or creates a new account. That has been working great for a couple years now. We’re now looking at hosting member only webinars. My thought was to set the webinar registration to manual approval, and add to the previously mentioned process, that when a new registrant record is created with status pending approval, to look up to see if the account is a member, and if so, change the registrant record in Salesforce from pending approval to approved, and that would sync back to zoom. In testing, this does not seem to be the case as the status remains the same in Zoom. However, I found that if the registrant record in salesforce is deleted, the registration in Zoom is moved to Denied. Can status sync from SF to Zoom be enabled somehow in the integration app? It would be immensely helpful!

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