Syncing webinar registrants from Salesforce to Zoom. How does it work?

I am using the integration with Salesforce.

1- I created a Webinar from Zoom and I can see this information in Salesforce automatically. I can see the registrants created from Zoom. This seems to work fine! I need your help with the following:

2- I need to add registrants from Salesforce so I created a new registrant (from Salesforce). I am using the Zoom Webinar Registrants view. I can associate the registrant to the webinar. Then, I can see the information of this new Registrant from the webinar record.

My questions are:
1- Why cannot I see the new registrant from Zoom?
2- If I use the Sync Webinar from action (from Salesforce, from the Webinar record), this new registrant that I added manually disappears in Salesforce, I mean the Webinar registrant is deleted. Note: I tested to Sync before and after Approving the registrant from Salesforce.

Before Sync Webinar from action:

After the Sync Webinar from action, the registrant Reg-0019 was deleted (automatically)


Hey @MEF,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. May I ask if you have seen the solutions shared in these related threads?

Please let me know. :slight_smile:


Hi @tommy,
Thanks for sharing the related threads. I took a look and I haven’t found the answer to my issue. Please let me know if the issue I am experiencing is clear. The problem is:
I add registrants to the webinar from Salesforce. I can’t see these registrants from zoom automatically so I click over the “Sync Webinar from” option. But this action removes/delete the registrants records (and also the Zoom Webinar History records and the campaign members) that I had added before from Salesforce.


Thanks for the additional details @MEF .

We are looking into this issue. (ZOOM-269542) :slight_smile:


Hey @MEF ,

We have two ways to create webinar registrant

  1. You use the register url to register the webinar and generate a registrant;
  2. You can configure ‘Add to Webinar’ button to contact/lead layout, and add the contact/lead to the selected webinar.

We don’t have an insert trigger on the zoom_werbinar_registrant object when you create a new registrant record directly in salesforce, so we don’t call the create a registrant on the Zoom web side.

If you use ‘Sync webinar from’, we will update the salesforce records with what Zoom has.

Does this help? :slight_smile:


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