Sample code not working for IOS


I installed the latest version v4.1.32183.0910 of zoom sample code I successfully created the kSDKAppKey , kSDKAppSecret and kSDKMeetNumber and joined a meeting but unfortunately nothing happened , I gave the  kSDKAppSecret and kSDKMeetNumber in app delegate and  kSDKMeetNumber in Main view controller, I got a log message as "

onJoinaMeeting ret:150 " any help.


error 150, it means that you pass invalid param, did you set the domain: KSDKDomain?


I set 3 params  kSDKAppKey , kSDKAppSecret, kSDKMeetNumber  and KSDKDomain I didnt set.


ok, domain is a must item, you need to set the domain like


Thanks for your support its working now. The problem is KSDKDomain param I didnt pass any value.