Sample not working

Hi, thanks a lot for this forum.

I stumbled across an issue that got me here:

Joining meeting timeout - Signature is invalid

I installed the sample as well and had the same problem. Can you help me out?

Warmly JAV

Hey @jahrvos,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. First, please make sure that you are using the API Key and API Secret from a JWT App instead of an SDK app.

Let me know if that helps.


thanks for the reply,
I am using the JWT keys, found the right host_id, which helped (no more invalid signature), but got an empty list.
I seem still to do something wrong.


Hey @jahrvos ,

Can you share more about this? Please provide more details and steps to reproduce the issue.


I downloaded the sample app from GitHub - zoom/sample-app-web: Zoom Web SDK Sample App
I replaced API KEY/SECRET with actual values
Using $list = $objZoom->getRecordingList(‘123456’) gives:

host_id=123456&api_key=actualAPIkey&api_secret=actualSECRET&data_type=JSON { [“host_id”]=> string(6) “123456” [“api_key”]=> string(22) “actualAPIkey” [“api_secret”]=> string(36) “SECRET” [“data_type”]=> string(4) “JSON” } string(0) “”

Hey @jahrvos,

Can you clarify how to reproduce the issue? The code that you provided doesn’t look like it comes from our Web SDK Sample App.