Saving session video - our own servers

Saving session video - our own servers:

We are using web-sdk version 1.8.7. We want to record the session video is that possible ?? If yes then where will be the recording save ? .We want to save somewhere in our cloud server and not in the Zoom cloud/server.

@arfa.ahmed ,

Thank you for posting in the Zoom developer forum. I’m happy to help. Just to confirm, are you developing with the Zoom Video SDK? If so, it is indeed possible to record sessions. As for your second question, you have several options for saving the recording on your server: you can either get the recording via webhook or record the session yourself with a bot. Please refer to this helpful article for more information on the recording options.

Recording options

If you have any follow-up questions, please let us know.

Intro: We are a tele consultation company based in UAE. We want to record the video between doctor-patient.

Thank you for the promo response. Although I have the following questions and it would be great if you can address them.

1 - As per the law the we are force to keep the recoding data inside UAE servers and not any other country server. Can you assist me if you have any servers in UAE to save our recordings?

2 - Regarding the 1 TB recording data if we all the data has been used within 3rd week then how about our consultations in the later part of the month? Will it be recorded?

You can select the data center region via the JWT property:

Video SDK Payload

Abbreviation Lists

Selecting data center regions for meetings/webinars (Applies to Video SDK)

Datacenter Abbreviation List

If you use all of your recording data, you will receive a notification when your data is low. The Video SDK provides billing APIs that enable you to subscribe to a Zoom add-on plan for a subaccount through an API request. It’s important to note that to use this feature, you need to have a Pro or higher plan with the Master account option enabled. Additionally, the subaccount must be a paid account, with the billing charges paid by the Master account. For more information about add-on plans, please refer to the screenshots below.

Subscribe to Video SDK Cloud Recording add-on plan

Thanks for clarification regarding the datacenter. Although can you please assist me on the following queries

1 - For now we are using VideoSdk of Zoom. Do we need to upgrade our account in order to activate zoom recording. Or it will be available in the videosdk and we only need to pay 100$ for 1TB of recordings.

2 - Regarding 1TB if we move video recording to our servers every week then can you delete it from your data center so that we don’t run out space issues.

3 - Can you please tell us how many minutes of recording can we have in 1TB?

@arfa.ahmed ,

For video SDK cloud recording should be available for trial now I believe

Actually, this can be accomplished programmatically. You can use Video SDK Cloud Recording and automatically move the recordings to their cloud storage service and then delete the recording stored on Zoom to reduce cost.

More details on video session minutes can be found here. Video SDK from Zoom | Zoom

Regarding : You can select the data center region via the JWT property:

We have tried that and still datacenter is showing in Singapore
Here are the details

Session Name : room_name_31415
Session ID : xzQc8r3USgyVWnumWXaO1w==
DataCenter showing : SG

Dashboard SC


Is the data center enabled on your account?

Important Note:

Please refrain from posting your JWT on the forum. It is highly recommended to avoid sharing your JWT in public spaces to protect your account’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII). If you need to share your JWT, please consider sending it via direct message or a secure communication channel.

I have enabled the datacenter but it still shows SIN.
We want to make sure that all the session data will be in UAE datacenter.

@arfa.ahmed ,

Upon looking into this further, it looks like you did not set up the datacenter. Please double-check that you’ve enabled the datacenter region for session data.

I tried but unable to see UAE in the list of region showing under datacenter

@arfa.ahmed ,

It looks like the UAE is currently not supported. Please submit a feature request to add this region under the datacenter category.

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