Schedule meeting with time zone

Using an iOS SDK.
I am sending an Indian standard Time to schedule a meeting but the Zoom app itself showing that your meeting is scheduled at UTC time. For example if i schedule a meeting at 7.00 PM in India it showing your meeting is scheduled at 12.30 AM.

My request for schedule meeting
[“duration”: 30, “agenda”: “String”, “topic”: “About AITech India”, “recurrence”: [“type”: 3], “start_time”: “2019-12-27T19:00:00Z”, “settings”: [“join_before_host”: true, “in_meeting”: true], “timezone”: “Asia/Calcutta”, “password”: “”, “type”: 2]

I need to show upcoming meeting based on this time only. Can you please someone help me to resolve this issue. If i schedule a meeting at 7.00PM the Zoom app should show the time at 7.00PM too.

Hey @Arun,

Please try removing the Z after your specified time stamp. The Z means to use UTC/GMT. If you remove the Z the timezone will default to the timezone set in your request body.