Specifying timezone when creating meeting via zoom api

If a zoom meeting is created via the api and the timezone is specified as UTC, how is the meeting supposed to show up in the zoom console? Will it not show all the meeting in the timezone set for the User in their zoom profile (ex PST)?

What is the best way to specify the start time ( and timezone) when passing in the data via the following api call, so that the meeting will show the start time in the zoom users profile timezone(ex PST).

Any clarification will be appreciated.

Hey @juhi.hakhu,

Regardless of the timezone used to create the meeting, it will show up in the Zoom Web Portal in the timezone the user has specified.


Hi Tommy,

Thanks for getting back. We are running into this issue when we pass the meeting start date/time in UTC, the user in zoom does not see the meeting in their zoom profile timezone. It shows up in UTC. Please see example below. In this case we are passing the time in UTC.

Ex: “{“topic”:“Zoom Session 1”,“type”:2,“start_time”:“2020-04-11T03:30:00”,“end_date_time”:“2020-04-11T11:30:00”,“duration”:0,“agenda”:“Zoom Session 1”,“timezone”:“UTC”,“password”:null,“ZoomUser”:null,“meetingKey”:null,“code”:null,“id”:null,“message”:null,“settings”:{“host_video”:false,“participant_video”:false,“cn_meeting”:false,“in_meeting”:false,“join_before_host”:false,“mute_upon_entry”:false,“approval_type”:0,“registration_type”:2},“uuid”:null,“join_url”:null,“start_url”:null}”

What is the way to pass the datetime in UTC in the Create Meeting api call so that it will show up correctly in the zoom user’s profile time zone.
What format should the start time be in and what should be passed in the timezone field?

Hey @juhi.hakhu,

To pass the start_time as UTC, just add a Z to the end of start_time, and leave out the timezone property.


  "topic": "Zoom Session 1",
  "type": 2,
  "start_time": "2020-04-11T03:30:00Z",
  "duration": 30,
  "agenda": "Zoom Session 1"


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Hi @tommy or anyone(!)

I have a similar question to this…

Where a Webinar session is created where the start_time is just passed as a UTC value, when a Panelist’s email invitation is issued, do you know what time is sent?
Would it also be the UTC time, or will show the time as per the host’s profile timezone?

Many thanks,


Hey @ed.g,

Any frontend, client-facing materials that contain a start_time should be reflected in the local time of the user receiving the invite, email, etc. Our API will pass a start time in UTC if a Z is included, and this is converted in Zoom frontend clients to show in the user’s local time zone.

Let me know if this helps!


Thanks Will - that certainly helps.

Hopefully my last set of qs…regarding emails, if this is sent to someone who isn’t a Zoom user, e.g. panelists for Webinars that don’t have a Zoom account - what date / time will they see?

Will it be based on the timezone of the scheduling host’s profile?

Thanks again,


Hey @ed.g,

If it’s a Zoom generated email, and they’re not a Zoom user, I believe this will be based on the host’s profile—that said, I’m working on confirming this for you.


Thanks for this Will - it sounds promising!

Happy to help! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you run into further questions. :slight_smile: