Schedule on behalf of administration tools

We currently have schedulers that are set up to book appointments for outpatient clinics at our hospital. Because there are a large number of patients to be seen on one day the schedulers make use of schedule on behalf of permissions to book appointments for patients. We are a teaching hospital and have doctors rotate every few months, when they change or move positions we need to change their scheduling rights manually.

There is no way to add who you can schedule for, you need to go to each individual account and add/ amend the details of who can schedule manually changing who can schedule for them. The same goes when you have queries from clinicians.

Currently within our account Admin tab>user management>Users, you can Export all users to a spread sheet. This search does not let you see who has allocated scheduling privileges to others and who can schedule for each users. It would be great to have these details to keep track of things.

However it would also be great if this field could also be added into the Update Users via the import CSV feature. Currently the CSV format is as follows: Email, First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Department, User Type, Large Meeting, Webinar, Job Title, Location

So would it be possible to

  • Include a column in the Users table that has the details of all the users that can schedule on behalf of
  • Update the import csv format so that you can update users to include who can schedule for them

As an alternative it would be great to be able to have the ability for administrators to be able to add people you can schedule for on a per user basis i.e. If i have one scheduler that needs to schedule for 5 doctors can i go to the schedulers account and add the five doctors they need to schedule for, rather than having to go to each of the 5 doctors and add the scheduler for them.

Would definitely make things less clunky. Thanks