Set Schedule Privilege via API

Hi Everyone
Is it possible to set Schedule Privilege via API ?
I mean assign users in your account to schedule meetings on your behalf


Hi @Mike_Kollen,

Yes, you can use the scheduled_for property within the create meeting API[1]. First you have to make sure that the user is Assigned to scheduled privilege for you then you can use the API [2].

2 -

Hi @michael_p.zoom
But I meant could I make the second step via API ?

Hi @Mike_Kollen,

Currently, the second step can only be done via the Zoom web portal. We can talk with our Engineers to see if this particular step can be done via our API.


@michael_p.zoom What did the engineers say, If an API is not feasible it would be great if account admins could download a list of users to see who can schedule on their behalf, and also be able to upload csv files to update these details. Doing this user by user via the web portal is tedious.

Hey @nbilling,

No updates from engineering. Please submit a formal feature request here: #feature-requests