Scheduled Meeting Cancellation Email Template


I went into my email settings and modified the " Meeting Cancelled Email" template, however when i cancel the scheduled meeting via the api, the cancellation email does not use the content setup.

Is there any way to modify that email? and if so which template is it?

Thank you!

Hi @nruggles

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
when you say that you modified the Meeting cancelled email template, did you do this via the UI?
Could you please share more details so I can troubleshoot this issue further?


Yes, on my account settings, i went to advanced > branding > email templates.

When I used an API call to cancel the meeting, the default zoom template is sent rather than my modified version.

Thanks for sharing more details with me @nruggles
Could you please open up a ticket with support here:

So we can look further into your account and try to replicate the error.