Screen share information popup failure

When clicking on the screen share button while another participant is already sharing and the share options are set on “only one participant can share at a time”, a javascript error is happening twice on the participant trying to do this second share.
A popup should be displayed (to indicate that the sharing is not possible due to another participant already sharing & share settings prevent multiple share at a time) but it fails.

Expected behavior
Some information popup with a clear & understandable message should be displayed to inform the user about the reason why he/she cannot share at the moment.

Browser Console Error


Which Web Meeting SDK version?
All versions higher/equal than 2.0.1

Meeting SDK Code Snippets
This is an internal error for the Web SDK and do not need any special code.
This is reproducible from the meetingsdk-sample-react demo app.

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior from any application (internal or zoom demo web app)

  1. Join a zoom meeting with two participants (one being host and the other one being a non host)

  2. The screen share settings for this meeting should be set on “only one participant can share at a time”

  3. Share your screen / window / tab with Participant A

  4. When Participant A is sharing, on participant B, click on the share button

The javascript error should popup on Participant B.


This screenshot is coming from your meeting sdk react sample app. The error is the same as when using our internal application. Therefore, you should be able to replicate with your sample app and fix/verify the fix from your sample app.

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Any devices
  • OS: Any OS
  • Browser: Chrome but i guess any browser
  • Browser Version Any version as this is not dependent on the browser

Additional context
You have the complete web SDK stack on the screenshot to find where in your code is error is triggered.

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This issue, if not a critical one, is seriously impacting our user experience.

We noticed that some users were trying to share multiple time, with successive clicks/attempts.
Since nothing is happening (no share window opening, no information popup) this is probably very frustrating for some of our clients, as they have to think about checking the share settings to potentially understand what’s going on, why nothing is happening.

So please fix it ASAP, you have all the information you need for that.

@donte.zoom Can you please have a look & report that to the devs ?

Hi, @nvivot,

Thank you for the tag, and I am happy to help! I’ll test this behavior on my end and socialize this post amongst the Devs. I will keep you posted on what I learn.

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