Screen sharing in meetings via MeetingSDKWeb puts a load on the device and worsens audio quality

Regarding the subject, until the other day, I had been inquiring with Zoom technical support, but in the end, I was asked to contact this developer forum.

The content of the inquiry is that when using the screen sharing function in a meeting via SDK, the CPU usage rate increases and the voice quality deteriorates.
Please refer to the communication with technical support below for the meeting ID used and the evidence when the event occurred.
Support ticket: #16172002

I would appreciate it if you could tell me about a solution or some kind of mitigation.

Thank you very much.

to decide if it is a special problem of the sdk, do your test with the “non SDK” browser version on

Invite Link - then “Cancel” and “Join from Your Browser”

thank you for your answer.

As you advised, we will contact you again after verifying with the browser version of Zoom.

that’s all.

@netrlt_zoom02 ,

Glad @j.schoenemeyer answer was helpful. If there is anything we can help with let us know.

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