Screen sharing is not working. getting error 105035

I have updated to zoom 5.1.1 version yesterday on 30 June, 10 PM IST. Since then I am not able to share screen, getting error as 105035. I have already cleared cache, uninstalled and re-installed Zoom App. I am using desktop windows 7.

Which version?
zoom 5.1.1

i have already raised ticket and its on urgent basis. still no help. ticket number to customer contact is 6506783.

@Sebastian can you help me solving this ?

you will find a video on yt for this topic. just search there are only a view.

you need to install a older version. Zoom 5.0.5 for example will solve your problem 100%!

Thanks for the post. It seems like you are facing issues with our Zoom client, which is out of the scope of what this forum is for(This forum is for Marketplace Apps). Please provide feedback to or try to contact Zoom client support at and one of the Zoom experts will be happy to assist you.