Zoom error 105035

Hello there, I can’t record my screen by any means.

screen sharing has failed to start, please try again later Error code: 105035
Which version?

Hey @asmaa.xo1990,

Are you using the Web SDK? Please share a screenshot of the error.


Hi Tommy,

I use Windows SDK and face error 105035. (Windows 7, Zoom version 5.1.3)

Tried to understand this:

I checked whether

  • CptControl.exe
  • CptHost.exe
  • CptInstall.exe
  • CptService.exe
  • CptShare.dll
  • zzhost.dll
  • zzplugin.dll
  • aomhost64.exe
    were in Zoom folder, and found out that the latter 2 were not (* zzplugin.dll, * aomhost64.exe)

aomhost64.exe is available here GitHub - zoom/zoom-sdk-windows: Zoom Windows SDK, I put it into my bin folder, which didn’t change anything.

zzplugin.dll is not available in github or I didn’t manage to find it.

I am sorry, I don’t understand what to do very well.

Please help.

Hey @krivtcova.kseniia,

For Windows SDK issues, please post them here: #desktop-sdk:windows