Zoom error 105035

Hello there, I can’t record my screen by any means.

screen sharing has failed to start, please try again later Error code: 105035
Which version?

Hey @asmaa.xo1990,

Are you using the Web SDK? Please share a screenshot of the error.


Hi Tommy,

I use Windows SDK and face error 105035. (Windows 7, Zoom version 5.1.3)

Tried to understand this:

I checked whether

  • CptControl.exe
  • CptHost.exe
  • CptInstall.exe
  • CptService.exe
  • CptShare.dll
  • zzhost.dll
  • zzplugin.dll
  • aomhost64.exe
    were in Zoom folder, and found out that the latter 2 were not (* zzplugin.dll, * aomhost64.exe)

aomhost64.exe is available here GitHub - zoom/zoom-sdk-windows: Zoom Windows SDK, I put it into my bin folder, which didn’t change anything.

zzplugin.dll is not available in github or I didn’t manage to find it.

I am sorry, I don’t understand what to do very well.

Please help.

Hey @krivtcova.kseniia,

For Windows SDK issues, please post them here: #desktop-sdk:windows


The error code 105035 appears when Zoom’s screen sharing feature fails to work. Participants in your video call can only see a blank screen when you’re trying to present your projects on the other end. At other times, during Zoom screen sharing, the audio goes mute, and no one can hear what you’re saying

How do I resolve a Zoom screen share error?
Fix “Zoom Screen Sharing Not Working” Issues
Reconfigure Zoom Settings.
Change The Preferred Graphics Processor.
Update Your Graphics Driver.
Enable App Permissions In Windows.
Reinstall Zoom.
Connect To Stable Internet Connection.
Enable Participant Screen Sharing For The Zoom Room.
Exit And Reenter The Zoom Call.