Screen sharing issue: bottom toolbar blocks shared content when shared by someone else

Zoom version: 5.11.3 (3882) on Ubuntu.

When I participate in a meeting and someone else shares their screen, the bottom toolbar (with the “chat”, “participants”, etc. buttons) blocks their content whenever I move the cursor over the zoom meeting window.
There is no way to manually hide it.
I would expect at least one of the following solutions to exist:

  • An setting to permanently hide it during shared content.
  • A button on it that hides it, so when it pops up I can hide it immediately and not miss any content.
  • A setting to always display it, and always scale down the shared content to fit the remaining window space.

As a side-note, this has already been raised in the forum (e.g. Webinar Screen Sharing Issue: Toolbar at the bottom blocks a portion of the screen sharing content).