Screen sharing shows buttons despite setCustomizedMeetingUIEnabled

I am using setCustomizedMeetingUIEnabled(true) in my Android app.
As part of my app, I perform screen sharing into the meeting and still see the pair of “annotate” and “stop sharing” buttons on the screen.

Should these buttons show up, when app has custom UI enabled?

My account is free, but with a verified credit card. Should it be somehow enabled for custom UI use?

Hi grey-bit,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. The “annotate” and “stop sharing” buttons are a part of the screen sharing view. Do you want to disable them or do you want to customize them?


Ideally I would like to hide them. I will show my own “stop sharing” button and I absolutely don’t need “annotate”.

Hi grey-bit,

Thanks for your reply. We do not have the interface to disable the buttons right now. I have passed this information as a feature request to our engineering team. Please follow our Github repo for any updates.


Thanks for the update.
Is there any way to track these feature requests, so we can get updated when this capability is added to the SDK?

Hey @grey-bit, you can track our release log here.