Modify the UI that shows what can be screen shared

Is there a way to customize the UI that is displayed after clicking on “Share” button where it shows the apps/windows that can be shared? I would like to show only certain windows as available for sharing to the user. I’m using macOS meeting SDK version 5.5.12511.0420.

Hi @santhoshr048, thanks for the post.

If you are using the default meeting UI, you cannot customize the appearance of this window. That would only be possible if you were to implement a custom meeting UI from scratch, which means that none of the pre-defined default UI would be used.


@jon.lieblich thanks for the reply. I see there is a property “disableShareButtonClickOriginAction” in “ZoomSDKMeetingConfiguration” class. Can you explain what that is for?

Hi @santhoshr048,

This setting will remove any of the existing functionality from the share button in the default UI when it is clicked (i.e. the default sharing UI will no longer be used). You would need to implement something in the onToolbarShareButtonClick callback to retain sharing functionality in your application. This approach will allow you to display your own custom UI if you would like, but at the cost of no longer being able to use the pre-defined UI provided by the SDK.


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