Screenshareing, Disable Header and footer

hi again,

2 questions:

  • what exactly does API call ‘showPureSharingContent’?

  • we want to have our own control buttons (screenshare, mute) to have a consistent look&feel.
    what is the preferred way to disable the footer and other overlays?


regarding my first question: ‘showPureSharingContent’ controls if the ‘Join Audio by Computer’ overlay should be presented, right?

therefore, how can the screensharing mode be entered via JS SDK?
setting ’ screenShare: true/false’ only controls IF the ‘Share Screen’ button is shown in the footer-overlay.


Hi @harald.glanzer,

We have received your request and will update you shortly.


Hi @harald.glanzer

The showPureSharingContent is used to only showed whats being shared and disables the video coming from camera.

Currently, we do not offer a custom look and feel for the WebSDK. Right now we dont disable the footer, because the controls like screen share/mute etc… need to display just in case the user wants to disable it.

The join Audio by computer overlay will not show to the guest. Screen share can be entered using the webSDK using screenShare: true. I’m not sure what you’re asking in this question, can you please elaborate further?


this screenShare control the browser sharing feature, if disable, you can’t enter this feature. and can’t use it. you request means you want to use a API call to use the feature, currently version, we don’t support.