SDK App OAuth urls allow list refuses localhost with http protocol

Hi, I’m in the process of moving from an OAuth app to a SDK app.
In the OAuth app, in the allowed URLs for OAuth redirection, I can specify a local http address (http://localhost:3000), that is very useful for developing.

In the SDK app configuration, instead, the http local address is considered wrong, while the same local address with https protocol isn’t.

This way developing locally will become very cumbersome, needing a self signed certificate for localhost, that can cause problem with the browser…

Would it be possible to accept local addresses with the http protocol also for SDK apps?

Thank you.

Hi @andresiderio ,

Try https instead please.


Hi @gianni.zoom, thank you for the reply.

As I have said, the same local address with https protocol is accepted by the SDK app configuration, but it’s very cumbersome to setup in a local server.

Thank you for sharing this feedback, @andresiderio! I’ve reached out internally to see if it is possible to allow http protocol for SDK-type apps. I’ll let you know what I learn.

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