Zoom API in localhost


I’m having a hard time authenticating with OAuth in localhost. I have a server running on localhost with an associated domain name. When registering the new app for OAuth access and entering this domain name for redirect URI, I can’t even save that domain name (I assume it’s because it’s not https). I overcome this by entering a _bit.ly _redirect url. I issue a successful request to 


I grant access and am redirected back to my redirect uri, but with no code.

When I replace the redirect uri with a publicly available https website, I get a code back. I assume this is again because of http redirect uri.

What is the proper way to test OAuth on localhost? 

Hi Maja, 

A good workaround to test OAuth on your localhost is to use a service that exposes your localhost to the internet such as ngrok.io. Afterwards you can use the ngrok url as the redirect url.