SDK Binaries contain URLs from Locations in Violation of US Restrictions

This issue is somewhat similar to the one raised here where a FirstNet submission required that OpenSSL libraries be updated. (We see where the these libraries have now been updated in the latest SDKs - thanks!)

When we recently submitted our own app to FirstNet, they flagged a number of URLs that “are from locations in violation of U.S. embargos/restrictions”. Here is the list provided to us by FirstNet:


urls in question:

Because we are required to maintain FirstNet compliance for our US-based customers, we need a way to address this issue. Do you have any suggestions? Is there some way of eliminating any references to the aforementioned URLs or obtaining versions of the SDKs without those URLs? (For our implementation, we would need to address this issue both for Android and for iOS.)

Which Android Client SDK version?

Hi @j-dev, thanks for the post.

I can’t comment on the compliance aspect, but can confirm that it is not possible to remove these URLs if they are present internally to the SDK. I will need to follow up internally and see if anyone has any possible solutions.


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