SDK embedded service (“The meeting number is wrong” error)

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We embedded zoom SDK module in our LMS live lecture service (I attached the captured image file)
When we open the zoom webinar, everyone can access to LMS live lecture service
However, several minutes or hours later, if anyone close the LMS live lecture service and retry to access. They confront below error message. At the same time accessing to the webinar with native zoom application is ok. We assume that there is a problem with SDK module. Could you help us?

“Joining meeting timeout”
“The meeting number is wrong”
[Retry] [OK]

Hi @aivle-zoom ,

Which SDK and version please?

SDK: web meeting sdk.
version: 2.4.0

Hi @aivle-zoom ,

I haven’t seen this before where joining via the client but not web produces different results. I am having a hard time reproducing without the same set up. Can you please open up a support ticket with:

  • the webinar id
  • screenshot/video of the issue
  • participant email/id for users having trouble joining
  • meeting sdk version

Please also share any errors you see in the console log as well.

Thank you!