SDK Error code (Mac:117001 / Win: 105035) when selecting share screen during a meeting



I’m getting error messages when selecting share screen during a meeting, shown as below:
Mac: image

Please advise.

Only posting 1 pic due to restrictions.


Which version of the mac package are you using?


Hello Derain,

The mac package we are using is 4.1.34180.1026. Thanks.


Does this problem can still be reproduced now? Could you please provide me the screenshot of the file under the path of, thanks.


mac SDK 共享屏幕的问题我们已经解决。
目前仅windows 平台中屏幕共享时偶尔出现105035的错误,希望您能帮助我们排解此问题。

SDK 版本是4.1.30384.1029


Thanks for using SDK! It mainly happens when the previous meeting is not ending/leaving correctly. Anyway, we are trying to find out a way to make it more flexible.



上周新发布的windows sdk我们也试了,还是会出现。此问题出现的概率比较高,若您有其他解决方法,请告诉我们。谢谢。