Sdk is not working ,

when iam joining meeting using sdk , meeting id getting loading. and the error is in below :
data: undefined
errorCode: “NOT_CONNECTED”
evt: “ERROR”
type: “VIDEO”

Please share more info @mundrathibharadwaj .

Version of web sdk, browser and version and how to reproduce? Is it reproducible on the sample app?

version of web sdk is ^2.17.0 and browser version 118.0.5993.118 , the main issue is while click on join button not going to success function , every time going to error function only and that error is “Invaild signature” but iam passing correct signature only getting invaild signature.

here are Infos for troubleshooting signature

if this not help you can try the example zoom app on github (-> CDN version)

enter you client ID/Secret in “meetingsdk-web-sample/CDN/js/index.js” (line 20/26)

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Thanks for sharing this with @mundrathibharadwaj . Please let us know if it helps.

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