SDK puts Zoom Overlay in the wrong location

Hi There,

When using the Zoom SDK, I end up with the Powered By Zoom overlay being in the wrong location, rather than being in the corner, it ends up in a random place in the middle of the video.

I am calling Resize() on the Video Container and SetPos() on the Video Element when the window is resized, but this overlay doesn’t move alongside.

Any idea where to start troubleshooting this?


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I have the same problem and am a bit worried since there are no answers yet. Basically, when the video starts the “powered by zoom” appears in a corner, but if I resize the window (the container and element) the position of the watermark does not change and appears over the face of people or covers other part of the video. This is very annoying.
I hope in some kind of fix as soon as possible.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the post. Could you provide a screenshot of the issue you are facing? I have tried to use our sdk_demo_v2 to reproduce this but I am not able to do that. When the size has changed, please use Resize() instead of SetPos().

If this is reproducible with our demo app, could you provide the steps?


I am using latest sdk (via C# wrapper), customized UI. I may be wrong, but Resize() is not available on video elements. video containers have a Resize() method, but video elements have only SetPos().
Here is the screenshot, I’ve blurred out some details but as you can see “powered by zoom” is in the middle of the face. This is because it was originally in a corner, but didn’t move when the container and element have been resized.


In my setup I have a single video container with a single video element inside, both with the same dimension. The watermark is initially in the bottom right corner of the video, but then when I resize the window (calling Resize() on the video container and SetPos on the video element) the watermark does not move and remains in the original position. Depending if I shrink/enlarge the window, it may cover the middle of the resized video.

Hi bragma,

Thanks for providing the screenshot and the info. Let me forward this to the engineering team for investigation and get back to you shortly.


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Hi bragma,

Thanks for the info. Would it be possible to provide an SDK log for us to further investigate this issue?


Sure, let me know how to get this log for you.

Thanks! Here are the steps to get SDK log (The following step is for Windows SDK, it is the same for C# wrapper):

  1. When initializing the SDK , set the InitParam.enableLogByDefault to be true, then the log feature will be enabled
ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::InitParam initParam;
initParam.strWebDomain = strWebDomain.c_str();
initParam.strSupportUrl = L"";
initParam.enableLogByDefault = true;
m_bSDKInit = CSDKHelper::Init(initParam);
  1. Build and run your SDK app, after experiencing the issue, then exit the app normally.
  2. You will find the log file in: %appdata%/zoomsdk/logs/

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi @Carson_Chen, I got the logs. Where can I send them?

Hi bragma,

Thanks for the reply and thank you very much for providing the info. Our engineering team is able to identify a bug and we will fix it in the next release. Pardon the inconvenience caused by this.