SDKAuth() does not trigger authcb

my demo project works perfect, after I integrate other feature, auth callback is never called.

let options={
authcb: onZoomAuthResult,
logincb: onZoomLoginResult,
logoutcb: onZoomLogoutResult
zoomObjs.authObj.SDKAuth(appkey, appsecret);
after these code, onZoomAuthResult should receive callback. But it’s never.

This issue only on Mac after I integrate other feature. So maybe it has conflict with some library. I want to debug deeply with set ‘enable_log=true’ in InitSDK(), but I can’t see more log even I set it as true.
I guess some of other package disables zoom sdk working.

we found the reason is signed zoom files. If I ignore do signature it works well. So please tell me how to deal with this issue on Mac.

Which version?

Hi guan_bj,

Thanks for the post. You may find the SDK log files in ~/Library/Logs/appName and if the crash happens, you may find the crash files in ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/(appName).

For mac SDK signing, the suggestions from Bella in this post could be helpful:Fall back : Mac create cpthost app failed