SDKERR_INTELNAL_ERROR with let zoompremeeting.ScheduleMeeting()

I am trying to schedule meeting with zoompremeeting.ScheduleMeeting() in loginretCB after ZoomLoginStatus.LOGIN_SUCCESS. It is returning error code 15 SDKERR_INTELNAL_ERROR.

Which version?

Base SDK versions:
win32 native sdk version:zoom-sdk.5.0.24433.0616
mac native sdk version:All_mac_sdk_5.0.24433.0616

Hi @dipen.sompura,

Thanks for the post. Could you enable the log feature and provide the SDK log for us to further investigate?

Here are the steps to enable and to retrieve the SDK log:

  1. When setting up the domain, pass true to the enable_log parameter
setDomain: function(domain, enable_log)
  1. Build and run the app, when the issue happens. Exit the app normally.
  2. You may find the log in the following locations:
  • Windows: %appdata%\ZoomSDK\logs
  • Mac:~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/(appName)