startMeeting ZoomSDKError_InvalidPrameter

By debugging Mac sample project, after clicking button Video Meeting, the startMeeting returns ret ZoomSDKError_InvalidPrameter. Anyone can help please?

  • (ZoomSDKError)startVideoMeetingForEmailUser
    ZoomSDKMeetingService* meetingService = [[ZoomSDK sharedSDK] getMeetingService];
    if (meetingService)
    ZoomSDKError ret = [meetingService startMeeting:ZoomSDKUserType_ZoomUser userID:nil userToken:nil displayName:nil meetingNumber:nil isDirectShare:NO sharedApp:0 isVideoOff:NO isAuidoOff:NO vanityID:nil];
    return ret; // error here
    return ZoomSDKError_Failed;

What parameters do you set?

Hi Yuan, I have not changed any code but just left as it was.

I was using the GitHub Mac sample code btw.

By using my account SDK key and Secret, Login succeeds, Auth succeeds as well but after that in the meeting page, when I clicked the Video Meeting button, nothing popped up.

Which type of account are you login? email, sso, or rest api?

Actually there was no place to input the email account. I cannot remember precisely but maybe only the first time running the app it required my email account? It only asks for SDK key and secret, which I copied from zoom site with my account logged in.

You need input email acoount/password to sign in, then you can start meeting for email user successfully.

HI Yuan,

I have run the application in debug again and still got no luck.
I have input my Email and Password as well as the SDK Key and Secret but still cannot start the Video Meeting.

Please help. Thanks.

I am using Xcode 9.4.1. Could it be an issue?

Cannot reproduce this issue on ZoomSDKSample. Did you login successfully? What’s the return value of login and start meeting?

Here is what I did:

  1. Git clone from repo (master) to local;
  2. Copy folder ZoomSDK into ZoomSDKSample;
  3. Run local.

The login returns Success. The meetingService startMeetings returns ZoomSDKError_InvalidPrameter.

Before call start meeting api, please add same code to get the value of property zoomDomain in ZoomSDK.h. Just to verify whether the domain value is nil.

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Thank you so much Yuan!!!

Just found the reason that I have never set the domain! I thought the domain would be same as the placeholder but apparently it is not.

We don’t set any default domain, user need to set this at first.

It works now. Thanks again!

I encountered the same problem,finally found the solution here. Maybe could be used as the default domain, because that others could face the same problem.

Hi @liujb,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Yes, the web domain should be all the time.