SDKERR_NOT_JOIN_AUDIO on subscribe to audio raw data

Meeting SDK Type and Version
Linux Meeting SDK v5.17.11.3885

I’m trying to modify the zoom/meetingsdk-headless-linux-sample repo to only receive raw audio data, and rather than write it to a file, do some further processing via the onOneWayAudioRawDataReceived callback.


zoomsdk-1  | ✅ configure
zoomsdk-1  | ✅ initialize
zoomsdk-1  | ✅ authorize
zoomsdk-1  | ✅ join a meeting
zoomsdk-1  | ⏳ connecting to the meeting
zoomsdk-1  | ✅ connected
zoomsdk-1  | ⏳ requesting local recording privilege
zoomsdk-1  | ✅ start raw recording
zoomsdk-1  | ❌ failed to subscribe to raw audio with status 32

Troubleshooting Routes
I’ve seen the other forum topic about this error, and have confirmed audioSettings->EnableAutoJoinAudio(true); is being called in the startRawRecording function.

Here is the code I have modified from the example:

SDKError Zoom::startRawRecording() {
  auto recCtrl = m_meetingService->GetMeetingRecordingController();
  SDKError err = recCtrl->CanStartRawRecording();

  if (hasError(err)) {
    Log::info("requesting local recording privilege");
    return recCtrl->RequestLocalRecordingPrivilege();

  err = recCtrl->StartRawRecording();
  if (hasError(err, "start raw recording"))
    return err;

  m_audioHelper = GetAudioRawdataHelper();
  if (!m_audioHelper)

  if (!m_audioSource) {
    m_audioSource =
        new ZoomSDKAudioRawDataDelegate(false);

  err = m_audioHelper->subscribe(m_audioSource);
  if (hasError(err, "subscribe to raw audio"))
    return err;

void ZoomSDKAudioRawDataDelegate::onOneWayAudioRawDataReceived(
    AudioRawData *data, uint32_t node_id) {
  Log::info("One way audio raw data received from node " +

this errors out even without modification
but this works

but this works

how did this second one works?

Question is, where will i get audio raw data?

@kamalkumar77a ,

Thank you for calling this out. I will look into this and get back to you with a solution.

Hi @dseravalli @donte.zoom , I am encountering the same issue of not being able to record, I made the modifications as suggested by you but it did not work.

Please suggest a way out.