Failed to subscribe to raw audio with status 32

Meeting SDK Linux 5.17.11 Docker Ubuntu

Followed and can’t record raw audio and and video

failed to subscribe to raw audio with status 32

Troubleshooting Routes
tried on MacOS and Linux host, different zoom users.

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior including:
*1. checkout sample app
*2. copy sdk files
*3. build linux image
*4. run with docker compose up
*5. connect and authorize OK
*6. failed to subscribe to raw audio with status 32

it helps if docker image is x86 :slight_smile:
for anyone on mac (and/or linux vms) add RUN uname -a and make sure you don’t see aarch64

Thanks for posting on the Zoom Developer Forum! I’m glad to hear you were able to fix the issue. If you have any additional questions, please let me know.

I recently pushed an update that should resolve this behavior. Thanks for posting about this!

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@ivan6 , Please see the comment above. The reported issue should be resolved now.

yep. the boolean fixed the audio. now I can’t get raw video to show up. Selecting the proper participant … maybe is another boolean flip?

@ivan6 ,
The sample does not appear to include a feature for saving raw video. Upon examining the startRawRecording function, it’s clear that raw audio is being saved to a file, but the corresponding raw video functionality is not present. This could be the reason why you’re not seeing the expected results. I’ve reached out to the creator of this sample for further guidance. In the meantime, it seems you may need to implement this feature yourself.

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Thank you! I assumed that it is cause the delegate is there …

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