SDKERR_WRONG_USAGE when trying to request recording permission

SDKERR_WRONG_USAGE when calling RequestLocalRecordingPrivilege from MEETING_STATUS_INMEETING state.

Which Windows Meeting SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Code snippet

void MeetingEvent::onMeetingStatusChanged(MeetingStatus status, int iResult = 0) {

	switch (status)
		cout << "In Meeting" << endl;
		if (SDKInterface::getInstance()->canIStartLocalRecording() == true) {
			cout << "Can start local recording" << endl;
		else {
			cout << "Cannot start local recording" << endl;
		IMeetingRecordingController* recordingController = SDKInterface::getInstance()->getRecordingController();
		recordingController->SetEvent(new RecordingEvent());
		SDKError res = recordingController->RequestLocalRecordingPrivilege();
		cout << "RequestLocalRecordingPrivilege: " << res << endl;

Console output


Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Dell G15
  • OS: Windows 10


I’ve just written a sample for this, and updated it to 6.1.1.

It works when i try to prompt the host for local recording.

Do note that if local recording is disabled at meeting, user or account level, this prompt for permission to do local recording won’t work

The local recording permission was the issue. Its working now.

I would like to raise a request to implement proper error messages.
SDKERR_WRONG_USAGE doesn’t explain anything, In web sdk its properly written that the local record permission is not present.