Search a Webinar Id by name


I can’t see the option to filter the result of the get /webinars endpoint based on given criteria.  A simple use case not implemented ( by surprise ) in this API.

How could I return a Webinar Id based on the webinar name?  The only option that I can see is to get the list of all webinars and then iterate in each of them until I found the webinar I am looking for. This is a bit of an overkill solution that probably will require to cache the list of webinars as this call is not implemented in the API.

May I know if there is an easier approach to solve this issue and if not, is this feature in the bucket list of Zoom developers?

Hi Mario, 

Currently, we do not have the feature to search by Webinar name.  We can let our Engineers know so that they can implement this feature for a future release.