Send event to Android client

Is it possible to sent events to an Android client? I"m working on an app where a person on an Android phone will be in a meeting with a person on a desktop. The person on the desktop will be guiding the person on the phone to take pictures. I would like the person on the desktop to be able to send an event to the phone to do things like take the picture or toggle the phone’s flash. I’m in a position to develop the UI on both ends and wanted to know if Zoom had a mechanism for sending the events.

Hi Jack,

Thanks for the post and sharing the info. Our Zoom SDK mainly focus on the meeting services, thus you need to handle the send/receive the customized event in your own app. You can use Zoom SDK to start a meeting, then having a listener that listens to the external events(events come from your server or other places), once the event is received, you can call other libraries or the system interfaces to perform the features that you were describing.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

I was afraid that would be the case. Thanks for confirming.

Thanks Carson!

Let us know if you have any other questions Jack.