Integrate with Zoom chat?

Hey y’all!

We’re working on feature functionality for our Zoom app to output meeting summaries to the Zoom chat. I’ve looked through the developer documentation, and some of the suggested topics; but, I haven’t found anything that we could utilize in order for our app to start a chat with, or direct message a user or users.

Is there an endpoint I’m overlooking? Can our Zoom app direct message, or otherwise open a chat with, users who are in a meeting and using our app?

@lucas3 Zoom Apps don’t have the ability to DM participants but you can send messages to the client to control the post-meeting experience.

Let me know if that helps.

@MaxM , I appreciate the reply!

I am curious about this, as I’ve seen some documentation regarding the videoSdk which suggests otherwise; but, I may be misunderstanding those docs.

The documentation I’m referencing is here: Chat

However, I’ve been unable to get that to work. The exceptions I receive when trying to get a small “hello world” test of this functionality appears to indicate that the functionality is not compatible with Safari, which seems odd, since my understanding is that Zoom’s desktop client on MacOS is built on top of, or is utilizing, the safari client for rendering.

Am I misunderstanding the documentation above?

If I cannot accomplish this with Zoom Apps, is there another way I can go about sending DMs to a user (or, a channel that a user has specified) programmatically based upon some sort of trigger?

@MaxM, for additional clarity, I’m not trying to send messages to a user or users in a video call.
The desire is to send a message to users or a channel in the main Zoom client after a meeting has completed (i.e. the out-of-meeting client).
I just wanted to make that clear in case it wasn’t initially.

Thanks again!

The video SDK is separate from the Zoom Meeting SDK and it has no concept of meetings. The Video SDK meetings are handled as video sessions and are not compatible with other Zoom Meetings or Webinars. So you won’t be able to send/leverage video SDK chat functionality in a Zoom meeting. Please see our Comparing Zoom SDKs help documentation for more details:

You can send a message to a channel in the main Zoom client after a meeting has been completed with the Chatbot. You can listen for the meeting ended webhook and send a chat message once the event is received.

Create a Chatbot App

Send a chat message

End Meeting (Webhook event)

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